Vintage Hershey's® Ice Cream photo collage. Photo's include singage, a delivery truck, an old ice cream parlor, and the original factory.
Real Ingredients.
Real Ice Cream.
Real Smiles.®

The Hershey Creamery Company was founded in 1894 by Jacob Hershey and his four brothers: Isaac, Paris, Ephraim and Eli Hershey (no relation to Milton S. Hershey of the Hershey Company).

Since 1894, Hershey’s® has strived to "guarantee quality products, provide excellent service, establish competitive prices and provide a true value to the customer."

Hershey’s® Ice Cream makes all of our mixes from fresh, wholesome ingredients. Fresh cream and fresh condensed milk is delivered to our plant on a daily basis! To ensure our quality, we use the highest quality of cocoa available anywhere. Our fruit flavors are made from hand-picked, fresh-frozen fruits. We use high grades of almonds, pecans and walnuts. We are also one of the few manufacturers that roasts nuts in our own plant and we guarantee freshness and quality!

That’s why it’s premium. That’s why it’s real! And that’s why you get "Real Ingredients. Real Ice Cream. Real Smiles.®" with every ice cream product we make.

Photo of vintage Hershey's Ice Cream advertising signs.Photo of an original Hershey's Ice Cream delivery truck.

Our Mission

Enjoyed by millions since 1894, Hershey’s® Ice Cream is focused on producing innovative, high quality products and providing industry leading service.

Guided by our family values of integrity, honesty, and respect, we strive to provide an unforgettable experience with each delicious bite.

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Sustainable  Programs

Our production plant uses Ammonia for refrigeration, which is more environmentally friendly than other methods.

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Cardboard and Paper

We require that all cardboard packaging be at least 40% recyclable paper.

All of our industrial waste (cardboard, plastic, etc.) is 100% recycled.

All of our facilities recycle paper and cardboard.

Graphic of trash can with crumbled up piece of paper.


Before we send our outdated freezers to be recycled, we reclaim the Freon gas in them and send it to be recycled.

In freezers 2017 and newer, we now use an environmentally friendly gas for refrigeration.

95% of our truck fleet uses Electric Cold Plate Technology to reduce carbon emissions.
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We support farmers from PA, NY, and VA by using their products.

All waste ice cream is saved and shipped to local pig farmers for feed.

We pre-treat the sewage from our production plant to remove Bio Oxygen Demand. We send the BOD to local farmers to use as fertilizer.
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We’re Giving Back

In honor of our 125th anniversary, we partnered with No Kid Hungry® to provide kids with meals so they can be happy and healthy.

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