Frequently Asked Questions

Our ice cream is sold all across the east coast of the United States, with distributors in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and even parts of Nevada and California as well. To find our ice cream near you, you can visit our store locator page or give your nearest Hershey's® branch a call to help find a specific flavor or product.
We are very sorry to hear that you were disappointed with one of our products. We strive to make the best ice cream products possible, and we truly value your feedback. We are happy to refund you with a coupon for a free replacement for products that were not up to our standards. Please contact us, and let us know what problem you had with our product, and include pictures if possible.

If you are contacting us about a pint or 1.5qt container, please include the 4 digit code on the bottom of the container, or the best by date on the side of the lid.
Since 1894 Hershey's® Ice Cream has built our business serving products to independently owned stores. We will continue to support the independents with products that can not be found in "big box" stores. If you find a store that does not carry our products, please feel free to request that they carry our products.
Our Premium ice cream is made with a high level of butterfat. That's why we can boast about creating real ice cream, and not "frozen dairy dessert."

We also have our Premium Gold line, which is our super premium ice cream that contains even more butterfat to give it an extra rich and creamy texture. It is our best of the best!
Yes! It is very important to us to provide a quality product that anyone can enjoy. All of our ice cream and novelty products are certified KOF-K. See our Kosher letter here.
Many of our products are made with gluten free ingredients, however, they are not produced in a gluten free factory, so we cannot state that they are 100% gluten free. We do note that some products or flavors are made with gluten free ingredients, for they have no known gluten in them.

For more information about specific flavors, you can check their nutritional labels for our "Made with Gluten Free Ingredients" statement.
While our products are manufactured in a facility that utilizes milk, eggs, soy, wheat, tree-nuts, and peanuts, we work hard to minimize the possibility of cross contact of allergenic and non-allergenic products. Our production equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to eliminate cross contamination, and our products are all clearly labeled to show what allergens a specific product contains.

See our Allergen Letter for more information on our processes.

You can also view and/or download any of our allergen charts below:
Premium Gold Ice Cream, Lighter Side, and Oatmazing
Premium Ice Cream
Smart Snacks
We're always working on new products and usually have new flavors to announce in the spring. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see what we're up to!
No, we are not affiliated with Hershey's Chocolate. While both companies were started by men with the same last name, there is no relation.
No, we are not a franchise. Our ice cream is sold by privately owned parlors, convenience stores, hospitals, and lots more! This means there are no franchise fees to worry about, and our products are great in almost any location!
We're so glad you're interested in selling Hershey's® Ice Cream! Visit our Sell Hershey's® page to learn about our program. To get in touch with a salesman, you can and give your local branch a call, or contact us and we will be happy to help you get set up as a Hershey's Ice Cream dealer.

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Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or complaints.

If you are interested in selling our products, contact us here.

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Visit our store locator to find our products near you, or view our branch list and give your local Hershey's® branch a call for information about specific flavors and/or products.