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We aren't messing around. Our ice is the absolute smoothest you can find! And the flavor? Whoa! It's unbelievable!

We've been making premium ice cream product since 1894! Man, that's before your grandparents were born! So we have tons of experience in making something taste great.

With the best flavorings, the right amount of sweetness and a handy sized cup, you won't have an excuse for not cooling down this summer!

Check them out! They are so cool they are hot! Hershey's® Premium Italian Ice Cups! Get yours today!

tropical breeze mango

Ready for a tropical experience full of jungles, heat and... bugs? No way! Let our tasty mango ice treat transport you to the tropics while leaving the bugs behind!

sweet n' juicy cherry

Craving the taste of some sweet, hand-picked cherries? Ok, our ice cups don't come from a tree! But you'll love the taste of sweet and juicy cherries in every bite of this ice!

Cherry Ice Cup

summer day lemonade

A combo of tart and sweet, always a treat! Okay, so we're not great poets. But we are great at frozen treats and you're gonna love our Summer Day Lemonade Ice!

wild blue raspberry

A sunny day out picking fresh, wild raspberries? Ain't nobody got time for that! Instead just chill with the refreshing taste of blue raspberries swirled into our ice!

Wild Blue Raspberry Ice Cup